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Our massive obsession of Polyvore is bordering on unhealthy.
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My Borderline Unhealthy Obsession with Polyvore

My Borderline Unhealthy Obsession with Polyvore

Since recently discovering Polyvore and the Polyvore app, I haven’t been able to look away from my screen. This may be the most incredible app I’ve downloaded in years.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. I suspect for anyone not interested in beauty, sytle, fashion, art, décor, or interior design – Polyvore may not be his or her cup of tea, but for the rest of us – this is mecca. It’s almost like Pinterest on a magical fashion acid trip. You can browse, search, view sets already designed, and even create your own sets and collections.

I came across Polyvore by accident. Naturally, I had to share the news with my stylish pals – like our resident stylist Brit Marie. Of course, my fashion forward friends had already been on this site and were as hooked as I am!

As hooked as they were, my love of Polyvore has become a borderline unhealthy obsession. When chatting with my friend via text yesterday I had mentioned that I was letting my creative juices flow on the app. Hours later she checked in on me, and I was still “creating.” I just couldn’t stop. Her suggestion? Shut the laptop down. That didn’t work because I was running the app on my phone! Her next suggestion was to turn on Catfish on MTV – because that show is hilarious (her words, not mine – strangers need love too).

What happened next is why I may need to enter Polyvore Addicts Anonymous (or start the 12 step program for other app addicted fashionistas). I went to bed, couldn’t quite get to sleep – I was thinking about the next design I would create. When I finally did manage to get to sleep – I dreamt about Polyvore.

My point is – if you’re an investor – keep an eye on this app. If you’re a style maven – download this app. If you are as obsessed as I am – email me let’s chat!


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